The following tags are used throughout this site:

engLiterature in English language.
textbookA textbook published by renowned authors, which contains large portions of information and almost completely exhausts its general subject.
pop-bookA popularized book without complicated mathematics.
lectureA lecture published by a well-known author, which contains large portions of information on the specific subject.
paperA scientific paper or preprint.
noteA note taken by me or somebody else which contents some might find useful.
notebookA collection of notes.
draftAn unfinished note.
postA blog post.
faqFrequently asked questions.
mathMathematical methods suitable for physical computations.
compl-mathApplies to items which make use of unjustifiably complicated mathematics.
genalgAbstract algebra.
lieLie groups and algebras and their representations.
diff-geomDifferential geometry.
wolframWolfram Mathematica.
classicalApplies to everything which doesn't rely on the principles of quantum mechanics.
analytAnalytical mechanics: Lagrangian and Hamiltonian formalisms, Noether's theorem, etc.
classical-fieldsClassical relativistic field theory.
spec-relSpecial theory of relativity describes motion at significant fractions of the speed of light.
gen-relGeneral theory of relativity is a modern theory of spacetime, which describes gravity as a manifestation of its properties.
black-holeVarious classical black hole solutions of the equations of general relativity.
quantumApplies to everything which deals with principles of quantum mechanics.
qmQuantum mechanics describes the microscopical properties of nature in a regime where classical mechanics no longer applies.
qm-interpThe ongoing philosophical debate on the various aspects of interpretations of quantum mechanics.
qftQuantum field theory studies the quantization of classical fields leading to quantum-mechanical models, compatible with special-relativistic spacetime.
qft-bQuantum field theory for beginners: free fields, second quantization, Wick's theorem, interaction picture, Feynman diagrams.
qft-aAdvanced quantum field theory: functional methods, renormalization, non-Abelian gauge theories, the standard model of elementary particles.
qft-cstQuantum field theory in curved spacetime.
qft-tTopological quantum field theory describes quantum systems with no local degrees of freedom which possess nontrivial global behaviour.
path-intPath or functional integrals are used in an independent formulation of quantum physics through summing over classical histories.
na-gaugeNon-Abelian gauge theories.
qedQuantum Electrodynamics.
qcdQuantum Chromodynamics.
smThe Standard Model of elementary particles and forces.
gutGrand unification of strong and electroweak forces.
renormRenormalization of quantum field theories.
brstThe Becchi-Rouet-Stora-Tyutin method of quantizing gauge theories.
qgApplies to the traditional attempts at quantizing general relativity which ultimately lead to a nonrenormalizable theory.
susySupersymmetry is a hypothesized symmetry of the laws of nature which interchanges the bosonic and fermionic degrees of freedom.
sugraSupergravity is a natural extension of supersymmetry to a local symmetry of a gravitating theory.
stringTheories of quantum relativistic strings attempt to describe the behaviour of all known forces including gravity.
cftConformal field theory is made use of in string theory and the study of second-type phase transitions.
superstringSupersymmetric versions of string theory.
m-theoryVarious attempts of formulating the proposed 11-dimensional M-theory which should consistently unify the five existing superstring models and supergravity.
holoHolographic principle states that the information within a region is stored on its boundary.
ads-cftADS/CFT correspondence is a proposed duality between the gravitational theory in the bulk and a special kind of conformal field theory on the boundary of the region.
altAlternative approaches for quantizing gravity. Applies to all non-string models.
lqgLoop quantum gravity is an elegant approach for quantization of background-independent field theories, including general relativity.
spinfoamSpinfoams provide a covariant quantization of background-independent theories in the spirit of Feynman's path integrals.
lqcLoop quantum cosmology is a branch of loop quantum gravity concerned with its applications to cosmological singularities.
cdtCausal dynamical triangulation attempts to build the quantum spacetime out of elementary combinatorical structures called simplexes.
cstCausal set theory attempts to build the quantum spacetime out of the fundamental grains connected by causal relations.
toeApplies to speculations and alternative attempts of formulating a theory of everything.
nc-geomNoncommutative geometry attempts to unify gravity and matter into a single geometrical setting.
rand-surfApplies to items which make use of the A. Polyakov's geometric path integral method.
conf-anomConformal anomaly.
scale-relScale relativity.
knotsApplications of knot theory (e.g. as a model of elementary particles).
q-compQuantum computing
msuLectures from Moscow State University.
ethApplies to the ETH Zurich series of lectures.
polyakovApplies to publications by A. M. Polyakov.
tongApplies to the series of lectures by Dr. David Tong.
stepanyantzApplies to lectures by K. V. Stepanyantz.